iPad Gambling Real Money

Finding the right gambling app for your real money betting is now a matter of clicking on the right corporate logo. Most mobile casinos these days have apps handy for the iPad/iPhone and the Android phone, while more are offering BlackBerry and Windows Mobile apps all the time. It won't be long before any of the major mobile operating systems are going to allow mobile gambling for cash--not just fun.

iPad Casino Apps - iPhone Gaming Downloads

The iOS is the operating system used for Apple mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Any tablet computer or portable device using the iOS is going to be compatible with a mobile casino. The most current operating system for these devices is iOS 5.x, though the iOS 6.x will be released in 2013. Most mobile casinos require your iPad devices to use the iOS 3.x or later for compatibility, which means the original iPad or iPad 2 should work, if you have the latest possible upgrade for your iPad. A few require the iOS 4.x, but even then, both the iPad and iPad 2 would be compatible. Keep in mind the iOS 6.x won't support the first edition of iPad. IPad 3GS can still get the upgrade, though.

Are There Any Real Money Gambling Apps for USA Players?

Real money United States casino players will find that most gambling sites are not mobile compatible. It’s unfortunate – but true. There are a few gambling sites out there that do offer a real money gambling app to USA players but only a handful are legit and safe to use.  If you want to gamble on iPad for cash and you’re interested in sportsbetting – your best choice is BetOnline.ag. This site caters to the US market and is the only US iPad gambling site that has the ability to process all US credit cards. If you’re not interested in sports, but still want to gamble for money on your iPad and possibly win some money while you’re at it – we suggest Slotland. Slotland is an online casino compatible with the iPad iOS accepting US players. This iPad gambling site started back in 1999 and was one of the first casinos to offer mobile gambling to USA players. Slot offers slots and table games and has a long and respectable history in the US market.

Android Gambling Apps

The Android phone, which uses an open source operating system and is pushed by Google and its partners, is a major player in the smart phone category. Like the iOS devices, almost any Android OS device is going to be compatible with mobile casinos, if they have the latest updates. The same goes for Android OS tablet computers. Android OS tablets from brand names like Google Nexus, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, Archos, ViewSonic, ANHUB Mobile, eLocity, Velocity, and Coby are going to allow you to interface with an mobile gambling platform. Most of the mobile casinos I've encountered have iOS apps and Android OS apps available, though the next two entries on this list are a little less common.

BlackBerry Gambling Apps

BlackBerry represents about 3% of the mobile phone market, so it's always going to be third in line when it comes to designing apps for games, including online gambling apps. Still, many mobile casinos begin to offer a BlackBerry casino app about six months to a year after the iOS apps and Android apps appear, so keep checking the mobile sites which interest you. Devices like the BlackBerry 8520, 9300, 9650, and 9700 are going to be compatible. The BlackBerry Torch 9850, BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330, and BlackBerry 9530 Storm are also going to work on any mobile casino with a BlackBerry app. so are the various BlackBerry Playbook tablet computers on the market.

Windows Mobile Gambling Apps

Windows Mobile was created by the Microsoft Corporation for mobile phones and smart phones which want another alternative. The Windows Mobile operating system works on phones like the Microsoft Kin, Palm Treo, HP Ipaq, HTC Snap, and Samsung Omnia smartphone. The Windows Mobile OS 6.5 is the optimal operating system for Windows Mobile gambling apps right now. While the Windows Mobile OS may not be in the same position the Apple iOS or Google Android OS are when it comes to mobile casino gambling, these devices have the market power of Microsoft behind them, so they should not be dismissed.

On this site, I'm going to discuss each of these operating systems in greater detail on their own separate pages, so stayed tuned to learn more about each one. If you don't already have a mobile phone, smart phone, or tablet computer, read through this website to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system, especially how each applies to mobile gambling for real money. Once you're finished reading, you'll be able to make an informed decision on which is the best for your electronic gambling needs.

Mobile Gaming for Fun

Mobile casinos offer free play versions of their games for those players who want to play for fun. These are offered for promotional purposes, though sometimes they satisfy certain legal requirements in jurisdictions which require just-for-fun versions of a game alongside the real-money option. In my opinion, if you want to play simply for the sake of entertainment, it's better to avoid the download process of a full mobile casino package and find a freeplay game through Facebook, Zynga, or a free game apps site. To learn how to play casino games, we suggest you read the game instructions on http://www.gamblingonline.com/

These free mobile gaming market has versions of any casino game you can imagine, if you want to play for the sake of fun (no money). That being said, the casino and hardcore games market is expanding rapidly. Companies like Zynga are starting to be affected by the trend of mobile gamers to prefer real-money and hardcore gaming options.

Lazard Capital reported recently that of the top 50 grossing apps in September 2012, seven of the titles were strategy game apps and another 16 of those products were casino apps. The gambling industry and mobile gamers are starting to connect more frequently and it's affecting the whole downloadable app market. When it comes to mobile casino gambling, the four apps which must be discussed are the iPad app, Android app, BlackBerry app, and Windows Mobile app.