iPad / iPhone Gambling Apps

Real money gambling using an Apple iPad app is more commonplace these days than you would think. The mobile gaming demographic is quickly moving from free games to the for-real-money game options, a trend which has caused stocks of the free game companies like Zynga to plunge. iPad gambling apps are compatible with any device which runs later versions of the iOS. This means any site which your iPad tablet computer is compatible with is going to also have compatibility with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Most of the time, you'll need to an iOS 3.x or later to run casino games on your devices, though some require a iOS 4.x or better. Mobile gamblers who want to use the first version of iPad should have no trouble with mobile gaming for the next year or two, though the upcoming iOS 6.x is designed only for the iPad 2, so keep that in mind if you're a dedicated real money gambler wanting a device which works well with all the mobile casinos being launched these days.

In this article, I want to discuss the various free mobile gambling apps, along with the gambling apps for real money. The iPad and iPhone game options are much different here in late 2012 than what they were just two years ago. If you've only been playing freeplay games on Facebook or you've bought games at the apps store, then you should know about mobile casinos and how they affect your game options for the Apple mobile operating system (iOS) devices.

Free Casino Games for iPad

Those simply wanting to play good free versions of casino games on their iPad, take a look at options like the free 10-in-1 casino game for iPad by Ba.Net, Casinomania by VIaden, Slots Tycoon by Zipline Games Inc, MiniTyccoon Casino, and Blackjack 21 Professional Simulator by Smash Atom Software LLC. Free casino players can also enjoy Facebook casino games from providers like Zynga. The mobile casinos are where you play for real money. Instead of going an apps store to buy your gaming fun, you go to a mobile casino and download the apps you need to play at their casino site for real money.

Real Money iPad Gambling Apps

If you have an iPad, download real money gambling apps to your iPad tablet computer if you want to try the mobile casinos out. The iPad is compatible with over 250,000 applications, including any mobile casino apps for the iOS system. With the ultrafast 4G LTE and stunning retina display, the iPad is the best gaming experience you'll have with the mobile casino games. The larger screen makes visual games like slots and roulette pop off the screen, while games with a lot of betting is going to be easier with the large clickable touchscreen. The interactive bonus games in the video slots are going to run smoother.

iPad  / iPhone Gambling Apps for USA Players

The number one question we receive on a regular basis is whether people from the United States can gamble with an iPhone / iPad for real money. The answer is yes. If you’ve tried to play casino games, bet on sports or play poker online with your PC in the US, you will know that your options are limited. The same is true for US iPad / iPhone gambling apps. There are only a handful of real money gambling apps for the USA. Most sites that accept United States players have yet to develop a gambling app – although we here it is in the works.

So the question remains - which USA sites have iPhone / iPad real money gambling apps?

BetOnline – BetOnline offers a real money gambling app for both the iPhone / iPad. With BetOnline you will be able to bet-in-play right on your iPhone or iPad. The real money US gambling app is great. The text is clearly legible, even on the iPhone screen. You will have options for teaser bets, parlay betting and more.

Slotland is a real money mobile casino for iPhone / iPad. The iPhone app works great, although you might want to use your iPad if you plan on playing games like video poker. The larger screen size does help with distinguishing the cards. Overall though, it’s a solid site with plenty to offer USA real money mobile players.

iPhone 5 Gambling

The latest iPhone device is iPhone 5 (released in September of 2012), though more iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 devices are still in service than anything else in the iOS phone market. Any of these devices should be compatible with mobile casinos on the market, since these sites have been launched in the past couple of years. You'll be able to fund your account with real money deposits, while making withdrawals just as you would with your iPad device. Like the tablet computers, these smartphones are going to need the proper gambling apps downloaded.

Can I Play Slots for Money on an iPad / iPhone?

Do yourself a favor and play the virtual slot machines on an iPad device if you want to see what's possible from a gamblers perspective. Like online casinos, mobile casino offer free versions of their games once you download the casino app, so you don't have to spend a ton of money to get an idea of the possibilities. The slots or fruit machines work better on iPad, especially when you play the i-slots and video slots. Keep in mind the visuals are better on the slots, but the odds are better when you play blackjack.

What About Blackjack Games? Are There Any Casinos with iPad Blackjack Apps?

Blackjack isn't popular just because the game is easy to learn and provides the right combination of relaxation and excitement. Blackjack remains so popular because it has the best odds of any table games in a live casino, online casino, or mobile casino. Only video poker compares when you talk about the house edge on blackjack. One advantage of the mobile casinos is the many twenty-one game options you'll have, including classic blackjack, pontoon, double exposure, Spanish 21, and perfect pairs. Remember that the side bets often don't have the same good odds the original game has.

Where to Play Roulette Games on an iPad for Cash?

If you prefer a more relaxing game which doesn't require a lot of strategy, roulette is a good option between slot machines and blackjack. European roulette offers better odds than most slot machines. Like the slots, you don't have to worry about strategy. While blackjack is a better bet, that's only if you know basic strategy and make the right decisions as you play. European roulette has a 2.63% house edge, though American roulette has a 5.26% house edge--double the Euro game. You can tell the different because European roulette only has the "0" slot, while American roulette has the "0" and "00" slot--producing the worse odds. If you find a mobile casino offering imprisonment rules for American roulette, this evens out the imbalance.